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PGS­CA Meetings 2017

All meetings are held at
LDS Family History Center
10741 Santa Monica Blvd, West Los Angeles, CA 90025

PGS-CA General Membership Meetings begin at 1:00 p.m.
followed immediately by presentation

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Deciphering the DNA Soup

Learn from 3 case studies how DNA was used to overcome a brick wall that stood since the 1950s, solved the mystery of the parent of two sisters, and one that revealed step-grandpa was really dad. Also included is an overview of the 4 types of DNA used in genealogy: Y-DNA, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), autosomal DNA (Family Finder) and X Match.


Cheri Mello

Professionally, Cheri Mello is a math teacher with degrees in psychology, sociology, human and child development, and master’s in education. She became a National Board Certified Teacher, the most prestigious and highest teaching credential in the educational world.

The genealogy bug was planted in Cheri with the 5th grade history project. Her maternal grandmother gave her some material for her project. She used it later for a Girl Scout badge and pulled out the information many times and wondered about her family and how she could learn more. Some of this material is still incorporated into her current presentations.

Cheri began her active adult research 25 years ago, after the death of her remaining grandparents. She has done research in many states, even taking trips overseas in search of her Portuguese ancestry. Ten years ago, she became involved in DNA, and was recruited as the Project Co-administrator for the Azores DNA project. She runs five DNA projects and manages mailing lists involving Portuguese-Azorean genealogy.

Cheri lectures now not only on Portuguese and DNA topics, but a host of other topics including software programs and Find-A-Grave.

March 25, 2017

Report from RootsTech 2017

Each year, following his attendance at the RootsTech Genealogy Conference in Salt Lake City, Gregg Legutki has brought back information on current trends, new ideas, and recent advances in genealogical research. This hands-on presentation will preview new learning experienced and share new information learned at the 2017 conference.


Gregg Legutki

March 25, 2017

Polish State Archives Databases

Reviews the databases on the website of The Polish State Archives. Four of these databases provide catalog or inventory information on the holdings of the archives: inventories of vital records (PRADZIAD) and census materials (ELA), and fond (record group) descriptions (SEZAM) and detailed inventories (IZA). The newest database, ZoSIA, is an integrated database that incorporates the descriptions and inventories of the four previous databases, and adds scanned images of the records themselves. Several branch archives also host digitized images, including the AGAD archives in Warsaw, which holds records of historically Polish places no longer in Poland (such as eastern Galicia, and parts of Western Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania). All of these websites are reviewed and illustrated.


Ted Gostin

Ted Gostin has been conducting genealogical research since 1980, and has worked as a full-time professional genealogist since 1994. He has twice been President of the Jewish Genealogical Society, Los Angeles, and has taught genealogy for several adult school and university extension programs. Ted has helped plan and organize three national genealogical seminars, and has been a featured speaker at a half-dozen such conferences. He lectures widely on Jewish genealogy, Southern California resources and naturalization and immigration records. He is the author of Southern California Vital Statistics: Volume 1, Los Angeles County 1850-1859, and the owner of Generations Press publishing company. He was a featured researcher in the Larry Lamb episode of the BBC version of Who Do You Think You Are? He is very active in the international Jewish genealogical community, and maintains contact with genealogists throughout the world. He is also an active member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

May 27, 2017

FamilySearch Tree:
Some New Features And A Few Old Ones

FamilySearch Tree has made some major changes during the last few months. From the opening page to using the search page to determine if your microfilm has been indexed, FamilySearch Tree is constantly adding features to make research easier and more intuitive for both the beginning researcher and the seasoned researcher. We’ll cover a number of features that will get you where you want to go faster so you can spend optimal time with your research.


Gregg Legutki

May 27, 2017

FamilySearch Tree, Ancestry, and WikiTree:
Some New Features And A Few Old Ones

Three of the “best known and most used” online tree depositories
FamilySearch Tree, Ancestry, and WikiTree, have made some major changes during the past year. From their opening page to using search pages they are constantly adding features to make research easier and more intuitive for both the beginning and the seasoned researcher. We’ll cover a number of features that will get you where you want to go faster so you can spend optimal time with your genealogical research.

This will be a hands-on session in the computer lab at the FamilySearch Library,
so come early to get the best seats!


Gregg Legutki

July 22, 2017

Solutions to “Hitting the Brick Wall”

Each year, the PGS-CA Membership gathers to share their expertise in assisting their fellow PGS-CA Members with their “Brick Walls.”

Every PGS-CA member has experienced a brick wall some time in their research, and while a solution may not be provided, more often than not, someone has experienced a similar problem and may have a good suggestion for further research. While you may have brought your Brick Wall to the group in the past, we always have new members or members who have not attended in the in the past. Bring what you have already done and the group may have a new option for you to try!


PGS Membership!

September 23, 2017

Celebrating our Polish Heritage
2nd Annual Polish Potluck and
Member Sharing

PGS-CA 2nd Annual Polish Heritage Pot Luck!

Since 1981, October has been designated as Polish American Heritage Month.
What better way to celebrate our Polish Heritage with a potluck lunch at our September meeting?

On September 23, 2017, the Polish Genealogical Society of California will celebrate our Polish Heritage with a meeting designed around our Polish Heritage. The focus of the September meeting will be “Our Polish Treasures.”

Pictures and Recipes from the 2016 1st Annual PHPL

We are asking that PGS-CA members bring one of their Polish Treasures to talk about at the meeting, while we all savor a delicious potluck lunch of Polish goodies. A Polish Treasure can be a memory of a person from our past, an artifact of great importance, a story about our research, anything that has some personal significance in our Polish ancestral research.

We’ll be meeting in the same place, the LA Family History Center, at the same time,
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm.

November 18, 2017

Election Day!

Reminder: This will be the 3rd Saturday in November
(Due to Thanksgiving weekend being the 4th weekend).