Historical Map Libraries & References

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The Asian Migrations 800-600 BC
Barbarian Invasions, c.250-600 AD Map from:
Khazaria map from 600 till 850 Map from: http://www.wikiwand.ocm/en/Khazars
Chasaren - 650 CE Map from: http://www.wikiwand.ocm/en/Khazars
European territory inhabited by East Slavic tribes (700-850) Map from:
Slavic Tribes, Central-Eastern Europe c. 8th century Map from:
Slav Origins Map from:
Radhanites Map from:
Early Rus Map from:
Kingdom of Poland 966 Map from:
Poland in 1025 Map from:
Kievan Rus 980–1054 Map from:'
Europe in 1000 A.D. Map from:
Europe in 1000 A.D. Map from:
Kievan Rus in 11th century (1015-1113) Map from:'
Kievan Rus Map from: Channon, John, "Historical Atlas of Russia." Penguin Books, USA, Inc., New York, 1995
Map of Poland, circa 1025 - Kingdom of Boleslaw the Brave Map from: Zamoyski, Adam, "The Polish Way", Hippocrene Books, New York, 1987-1990
Map of Poland, circa 1138 - Kingdom of Boleslaw the Wrymouth; Political Divisions Map from: Zamoyski, Adam, "The Polish Way", Hippocrene Books, New York, 1987-1990
Poland in 1140 Map from:
Mongol Empire in 1259–1260 Map from:
Genghis Khan Invasions 13th century Map from:
Timur vs Golden Horde Map from:–Timur_war
Mongol Empire vs Romans.2 Map from:
Mongols 1230 Map from:
Mongol Horde 1401 Map from:
Rzeczpospolita (Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania) Map from:
Kingdom of the Jagiellons, 1569 – 1795 Map from:–Lithuanian_Commonwealth
Maximum Poland 1619 Map from:
Lesser Polonia-Małopolska Map from:
Cossacks 17th Century Map from:
Poland 1648 (End of 30-Years War) Map from:
Map of Swedish Deluge 1655-1660 Map from:
The Kingdom of Poland in the 17th century Map from:
Ottoman Empire 1683 Map from:
Ottoman Invastions 1683 Map from:
Pale of Settlement, Russian Empire Map from:
Commonwealth Partition 1st Map from:
1st Partition Poland 1772 Map from:
Map Central Europe 1789 Map from:
2nd Partition Poland 1793 Map from:
3rd Partition Poland 1795 Map from:
Galicia as of the mid 19th century

Brody, Ukraine - Satellite Map "We walked out this street, but very far out - the New Jewish Cemetery was built in the middle of 19th Century due to a Cholera Epidemic - very far outside. We went through a wood and then the wood opened to fields. To the left was a way to the Holocaust Memorial. On the right side of the wood, then behind, where the open area is closed by a wood were the shooting places and mass graves. And in front, behind the fields was the Jewish Cemetery, 1 kilometer or so long, from the open area right to the left, to the wood..."
Andreas Inhofner, Vienna, Austria, September 2003
Austria Hungary 1880 Map from:
Austria-Hungary (ethnic) - 1880 Podkarpacie Map from:
Ethnolinguistic distribution, ca. 1900 Map from:
Europe in 1910 Map from:
Languages in Central and Eastern Europe 1910 Map from:
Central Europe 1910
Europe WWI-No Poland Map from:
Restoration of Poland - 1918 Map from:
Poland 1937 Map from:–39)
Partition of Poland according to the Nazi-Soviet Agreement of September 28, 1939 Map from:
Russian Offensive 1939 Map from:
German Order of Battle 1939 Map from:
Poland - German Occupation 1941 Map from:–45)
Kozielsk, Starobielsk, Ostashkov
Map showing the location on Soviet territory of the camps at Kozielsk, Ostashkov and Starobielsk which help Polish prisoners of war during World War II Map from:
Stalin’s Gulag system Map from:
Soviet Gulags Map from:
Poland - Cold War Years 1945-1991 Map from:
Poland's forty-nine provinces - 1975 to 1998 Map from:
Poland's sixteen provinces - 1999 to present
Poland 2000 Map from:
Poland in 21st century Map from:
Slavic Geography
Rivers - Russia Map from:
Carpatho-Rusyn Homeland Map from:
Border changes in history of Poland Map from: