Previously published in PGS-CA Bulletin (Issue #26, October 1994)

Czermin Translated from the Słownik Geograficzny (1880-1902)
by Helen Bienick

The village of Czermin is situated in the county of Mielec, in the province of Rzeszow. It covered an expanse totaling 1955 morgen of land, of which 1712 morgen were arable farmland. There were 155 houses, and 881 inhabitants. The parish church was named in honor of St. Klemens and St. Ann, and was a part of the decanate in Radomysl; the congregation, including the neighboring villages numbered 5514 souls. The brick church dates back to 1630, and in 1890 reportedly had records dating back to 1633. A brick chapel built in 1864 is located on the parish cemetery. Czermin had a one classroom public school. The terrain is relatively flat, with sandy soil.

P.S. The present church is called: St. Klemens, and is now in the decanate of Mielec in the province of Rzeszow, and the diocese of Tarnow. The address is 39-304 Czermin #477. LDS film # 8948475.