Dorohusk Translated from the Słownik Geograficzny (1880-1902)
by Helen Bienick

DOROHUSK, also known as Dorohowsk, Drochiczyn Chełmski, a village with a manor house, is a village in the county of Chełm, district of Turka, with the parish in Dorohusk. It is located 2 miles from Włodawa, on the left bank of the Bug River, 21 verst from Chełm, 14 werst from Dubienki, and about 98 verst from Lublin. The old palace with a very spacious and vast basement was constructed by the Suchodolski nobles, of whom one named Wojciech was the standard bearer of Chełm. Dorohusk remained as the property of this family even in the late 1800s, when it passed on to Ludwik Okecki, after his marriage to a Suchodolski heiress.

The village of Dorohusk had a parish church and a home for the elderly and the disabled. In 1827, there were 90 houses with 644 inhabitants. The local railroad station is 249 werst from Warsaw and 65 werst from Kowal.

The parish belonged to the deanery of Chełm, which numbered 700 souls. The estates of Dorohusk consisted of the following villages and towns: the folwark of Dorohusk, Teosin, Zaliszcze, Długie Pole, Leśniczówka, Katy, Piasek, Istrów, KONOTOPY, Puszki, and Pogranicze, as well as the villages of Dorohusk, Skoedjów, Mieszkowice, Barbarowina, Ostrów, Michałowin, Turka, and Berdyszcze. The Dorohusk farmstead covered 3061 morgen of land, of which 470 morgen were fertile farms and gardens, 400 morgen of meados, 200 morgen of pastures, 8 morgen of water, 1800 morgen of forests and 183 morgen of unused land. There were 9 brick buildings and 28 built of wood. A second untaxed farmstead covered 2763 morgen of land with a water mill. The Bug River formed its boundary on the north.

Dorohusk itself had 65 farm settlements on 1106 morgen of land; Skordjów-Ostrów had 12 settlements on 69 morgen of land; and Mieszkowice had 10 settlements on 208 morgen of land. The village of Barbarowina had 22 settlements on 355 morgen of land; Ostrów village had 41 settlements on 582 morgen of land; Michałowin had 31 settlements on 1273 morgen of land; and the village of Bardyszcze had 11 settlements of 181 morgen of land.