Previously published in PGS-CA Bulletin (Issue #26, October 1994)

Łysaków Translated from the Słownik Geograficzny (1880-1902)
by Helen Bienick

Łysaków lies in the county (powiat) of Mielec, and lies between the Brnika stream and the river Breń. One of its features was a customs house located on the nearby Wisła river. To the south are found extensive forests. On the north stands a folwark and its buildings, the property of the lord of the manor. Originally it was the property of the Łysakowski family, whose coat of arms was “Leluwa.” It later was acquired by Count Tarnowski, and in 1892 became the property of Count Arthur Potocki. The population totaled 573 people, of whom 514 were Catholic and members of the church in Czermin. The primary farmstead covered 356 morgen of farmland, 14 morgen of gardens and meadows, 20 morgen of pastures, and 236 morgen of forests. The lesser farmstead had 551 morgen of farmland, 86 morgen of meadows and gardens, 282 morgen of pastures. On the east, Łysakow borders Borowa and Czermin; on its west lies Wola Otałęska, on the south Szafrany, and to the north Łysakówka.