Previously published in PGS-CA Bulletin (Issue #41, July & October 1998)

Olszyny Translated from the Słownik Geograficzny (1890-1902)
by Helen Bienick

Olszyny, a village in the county of Gorlice, lies in a hilly area, 338 meters above sea level, where the Olszynką stream flows into the Ropa river’s left side. From the north, it is sheltered by a forest, whose elevation is 444 meters. On the south sits Mount Jura, 425 meters in height. The Olszynka stream created 2 ponds within the village. The folwark called “Przylaski” lies to the south. Beyond one pond, was a manor house and a small wooden chapel, belonging to the parish in Ołpiny.

Olszyny is bordered by Jodłówką and Kołkówką on the west, Żurową on the north, and Rzepienik Suchy on the southwest, and Ołpiny on the east. The village had a 1 classroom school, 1,729 Catholic inhabitants, and a few Jews. The distance to Gorlice is 5.5 kilometers. The inhabitants were noted for their cottage industry of weaving, but it declined after modern methods were introduced in Jaroslaw. One large farmstead was owned by a Jewish landowner named Mandel Kalb. It covered 406 morgen of farmland, 56 morgen of meadows, 26 morgen of pastureland, and 607 morgen of forests. The second farmstead covered an expanse of 1983 morgen off farmland, 224 morgen of meadows, 286 morgen of pastures, and 223 morgen of forests. Olszyny is now in the province of Tarnow.